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Cross section visualizer


What may be the coolest class I've taken at Stanford, even years later, is EE27N: Electronics Rocks, with Professor Gregory Kovacs. The premise of the class is simple: assemble fourteen students into a design team to create, well, anything they want. 


Ultimately, we became interested in data visualization, and in creating something other students would have fun looking at and interacting. We chose to design a two-screen display which slides along a pair of rails in order to flip through a set of 2D images in 3D space. (Our Instructables page explains the design process in detail.) The visualizer we built allowed us to flip through an MRI scan, almost as if we were actually laying out a person on the table, and to have a kinesthetic experience while moving through a time lapse. The slider has applications in museums and education, and in entrancing college freshmen. 


  • Aesthetics

  • Part Design and Assembly

  • Documentation

  • Content Creation (Time Lapse Photography)

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