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I'm Mini. I'm a political reporter at The Daily Beast. In the last few years, I've also:

  • Worked as a staff writer at TIME, writing for the web and the print magazine

  • Reported on national politics and chaired an ERG at National Journal

  • Covered California politics for the L.A. Times

  • Graduated from Stanford with a mechanical engineering degree and a minor in creative writing

  • Served as a peer counselor, talking people through challenges like suicidal ideation, grief, and assault

  • Hosted a bipartisan political live show for an audience of almost 400,000

  • Conducted original ecological and anthropological research in Hawaii

  • Programmed virtual worlds in Stanford's leading VR lab

I love outdoor adventures, games, and long late night chats. Please feel free to reach out on social media or via the form below, which you can also use to subscribe to my newsletter and read my stories.

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